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Welcome to Wayne Wilson Automotive Ltd

Wayne Wilson Automotive Ltd is a one stop solution for all your automotive repairs! You can be assured that a high quality specialist will look after all your automotive needs. 

Wayne Wilson, owner and A grade mechanic, personally guarantees workmanship. His team has over 70 years experience and are ready to repair your vehicle.


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Our Services

We offer a wide range of vehicle servicing, including:

Warrants of Fitness

We provide thorough, legally required Warrant Of Fitness Services for your vehicle, for any make or model, petrol or diesel. We offer a fast, convenient service providing a general vehicle safety check including (but not limited too) : safety belts and airbags, the condition of tyres, brakes and overall body structure, lights, doors and windows, windscreen washers and wipers, speedometer, steering and suspension, exhaust and fuel system and horn function.

Tune ups

Your vehicle will run more efficiently, and with more power, with a regular tune-up. We provide professional engine checks and can repair/replace components as needed.


We can advise on your engine overhaul, which is often cheaper than buying a new motor or a complete new vehicle. Overhauls involve checking, rebuilding or replacing the main components of worn engines.


We offer expert advice so you can get the most from your tyres, including tyre balancing and wheel alignments. We can replace and where possible, repair tyres to ensure your confidence and safety on the road.


To ensure your vehicle battery is not replace un-necessarily, we perform the necessary checks on battery performance, and provide replacement batteries where required.


Exhaust systems, as located beneath a motor vehicle, need regular checks to cope with damage from stones, dirt, water and other road hazards. We can offer repairs or replacements, and can advise on any issues or upgrade exhaust requirements you may have.


We provide full brake check and repair services, including brake adjustments, fluid testing and replacement, brake pad replacement, Anti-lock Brake System repair and replacement, and much more. Contact us to book your brake check and service today.

Steam Cleaning

A steam clean service is a great way to ensure that any issues, spots and leaks are easily identifiable, if and when they may arise. A steam clean removes dirt and dust that would also shorten the life of components with extra friction, wear and tear. If you are selling a vehicle, getting a steam clean is a great way to show that the vehicle has been well maintained.

Wheel Bearing

Wheel bearings are essential components that sometimes require replacement. Noisy bearings are usually a sign that they need replaced, and this can sometimes mean a replacement of the whole wheel hub rather than just the bearings. It's very difficult to tell when a bearing starts to fail, so if you suspect bearing wear, don't hesitate to contact our team for a thorough check and service.

Auto Electrical

If you suspect an electrical problem with your vehicle, contact us as soon as you can as early diagnosis and repairs can avoid a more expensive repair if a fault is left to get worse. We can diagnose and repair a wide range of electrical vehicle faults.

EFI Tuning

We offer EFI Tuning services on-site here at Wayne Wilson Auto. Book in for a consultation, quote and service today.

Auto Servicing

We can provide a simple peace-of-mind inspection, to check any vehicle issues that may be of concern. We can also provide Warrant Of Fitness and Pre-Purchase Vehicle inspections, as well as general vehicle maintenance services.

Lubes and Servicing

We offer a comprehensive lube and service, including oil change, check of steering and suspension, brakes and exhause, tyres and pressures, power steer fluid and much more. Contact us today for full information and to book a lube and service.

Air Conditioning

Our knowledgeable team can service your air conditioning system, including taking refrigerant out, checking for leaks, replacing refrigerant as needed. We quote for repairs/replacements before undertaking the work so you will know exactly what is involved, and what the costs will be.

Clutch Systems

The most common cause of problems with a clutch is that the friction disc will wear out over time. Towing heavy loads such as boats and caravans can also increase wear on a clutch. We can assess, service and replace clutches on any vehicle, as needed.

Radiators, Water Pumps & Cooling Systems

Keeping your engine cool is the job of the cooling system, including radiator, hoses, water pump, thermostat, fan, and timing switches. Ensuring the smooth and cool running of your engine is one of the professional vehicle services we provide. Contact us for a radiators, eater pumps & cooling systems check and service today.

Wayne Wilsons is excellent – reliable honest and friendly service. You can trust the work and trust that the customer is at the forefront of the staff’s thoughts. Recommend highly.”Hemi Waretini